These dancers, professors and choreographers of Argentine Tango were born in Buenos Aires. They are considered as one of the more complete couples involved in tango world, particularly because of their artistic and pedagogic training.

Pablo studied in the National School of Dance of Argentina, and he graduated as professor of native and  folklore dances. Beatriz studied in the Community College of Dance José Neglia of Morón.

Since 1978 they have worked in many Folklore Dance Companies and they acted in the best show places like the Casa Rosada, Michelangelo, La Ventana, Taconeando, Casa Blanca, and many others, throughout Argentina and Latin America.

In 1988 they came to Spain with the show "Tango Revue", and since then they live in Madrid. They were the first Tango couple in Madrid and they were pioneers in teaching tango dance in almost every Spanish cities.

These are some of the most important public shows in which they have participated:
 Spanish television’s programs: Sábado Noche, Rockambole, Ven al Paralelo and Hola Raffaella.
They colaborated with most of the tango artists that  worked in Spain and Europe: Carlos Acuña, Rubén Juárez, Alberto Podestá, Angel Cárdenas, Jorge Arduh, Patricia Nora, Juan Sosa, Graciela Giordano, Carlos Montero, Cholo Aguirre, Alfredo Marcucci, Juan José Mosalini, Luis Borda and Hector Ulises Passarella.

1991: Spanish Tour with Master Osvaldo Pugliese, with shows in Madrid and Pamplona.  

1992: Choreographers of the miniseries "TANGO" for the Spanish television, performed by the actors Sancho Gracia, Fiorella Faltoyano and Antonio Ferrandis.  

1993: The Argentine Embassy in Lisbon asked them to organize a Seminar and Workshop of Tango, as well as to participate in the 1st Historic Cinema Festival in Batalha.  

1994: Participation in the Summer Courses of the Complutense University in El Escorial, within the activities of cultural extension.  

1994 and 1996: They participated in the International Tango Festival of Granada.  

1995: They participated in the Spanish films: “El Seductor·”, with María Barranco in the leading role, and "Hermana, ¿Pero qué has hecho?" with Lina Morgan in the leading role.
They danced also in shows all over Spain with the bandoneoniste Alejandro Barletta, interpreting classic and chamber tangos.        
In the same year they acted in the Theatre "El Molino", as part of their Revue Show.  

1996: They gave lessons of tango in New York, San Francisco and Miami, USA.  

1996, 1998 and 2000: They participated in the International Tango Festival of Sitges, Spain.  

1997, 1998 and 1999: They danced in "Encuentros del Sur", in Toulouse, France.   

1998: Participation in the International Tango Festival "Tangofollies", in Lausanne, Switzerland.  

1999: Participation in "Colours Tango 1999", in Paris, France.  

Participation in the "Tangovalencia '99" Festival, in Valencia, Spain.  

2000: Participation in "Tango Stadt", Great International Festival of Tango in Zurich.  

They were de choreographers of the Spanish Film “Operación Gónada”.  

2001: 5th Annual Work Day Weekend Tango Getaway in Reno, Nevada, U.S.A.

2002: "Tanz&FolkFest " in Rudolstadt, Germany, with the show “Tango Azul”.  

9th International Istambul Jazz Festival", in Istanbul, Turkey, with the show “Tango Azul"

2003, 2004 and 2005: 3rd,4th and 5th Catania Tango Festival in Sicilia.

2003, 2004 and 2005: Festival "Buenos Aires Tango Basel".

2004: 3rd Festival Internacional de Tango Argentino in Montpellier.

2004: II Festival Internacional de Tango de Málaga.

Since 1997 they organize and manage every year the festival "ENCUENTROS DE TANGO CON LOS GRANDES" (Meeting of Tango with the Great Masters), which is the biggest Tango festival of Spain and one of the most important in Europe; including lessons, Conferences, Cinema-tango and Big Smart Dancing that take place in the “Círculo de Bellas Artes” in Madrid.  

Moreover they continue to give lessons of tango, milonga and argentine waltz in different dance schools of Germany, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria, Portugal, Italy and throughout Spain.

Madrid, August 2005


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